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5. Meteors: the quarterly journal of SOMYCE.

The quartely journal Meteors is published by SOMYCE and has a mean circulation of about 35 issues. It is the most important channel of communication for SOMYCE members. Meteors is written in Spanish.

From 1988 to 1997 we edited, bimonthly, 41 issues. However, since 1998, we started to edit our journal with ISSN 1137-9111. In the actual epoch, up to 50 new issues have been published. The journal is written in Spanish, but English abstracts are provided for each article. Meteors is sent free of charge to SOMYCE members and meteor organizations around the world on request.

Our journal contains amateur research papers as well as more introductory articles for beginners. The various sections of Meteors are:

- News. Outstanding news about SOMYCE or special scientific events are commented on.
- Letters to Meteors. This section allows the observers to express their personal opinions and points of view.
- Papers. The core of Meteors. Here we publish research and educational articles on meteors, comets and asteroids.
- Local groups. In this section, each group of observers let other SOMYCE members know about its history, members, activities and main results.
- Reports of the Commissions. Usually, each issue of Meteors contains the reports of activity of several commissions. In these reports the directors give an account of the observations received and a list with the contributing observers. Sometimes, preliminary results are presented.
- Ephemerids. A very important aim of Meteors is to keep the observers informed on all events of interest in the field of comets and meteors. Every four months, Meteor publishes notes for the observers, a radiant list of active showers and ephemerids of visible comets.

The editorial board of Meteors wants to encourage you to submit papers or photographs of meteors and comets. Any contribution can be sent to somyce-at-somyce-dot-org

Finally, you might want to read the abstracts of the papers published in the last issues of Meteors. This information is available (in Spanish) through web site.