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4. Meteors: the journal of SOMYCE.
The fourmonthly journal Meteors is published by SOMYCE and has a mean circulation of about 50 issues. It is the most important channel of communication for SOMYCE members. Meteors was first edited in 1987 and, up to now, 65 issues have been published. The journal is written in Spanish, but English abstracts are provided for each article. Meteors is sent free of charge to SOMYCE members and meteor organizations around the world.
Our journal contains research papers as well as more introductory articles for beginners. The various sections of Meteors are:
News. Here outstanding news about SOMYCE or special scientific events are commented on.
Letters to Meteors. This section allows the observers to express their personal opinions and points of view.
Papers. The core of Meteors. Here we publish research and educational articles on meteors, comets and asteroids.
Local groups In this section, each group of observers let other SOMYCE members know about its history, members, activities and main results.
Reports of the Commisions. Usually, each issue of Meteors contains the reports of activity of several commisions. In these reports the directors give an account of the observations received and a list with the contributing observers. Sometimes, preliminar results are presented.
Ephemerids. A very important aim of Meteors is to keep the observers informed on all events of interest in the field of comets and meteors. Each two months, Meteor publishes notes for the observers, a radiant list of active showers and ephemerids of visible comets.
The editorial board of Meteors wants to encourage you to submit papers or photographs of meteors and comets. Any contribution can be sent to Orlando Benítez Sánchez.
Finally, you might want to read the abstracts of the papers published in the last issues of Meteors. This information is available too.
6. Meteor Dataase ("Archivos de Observaciones") 

On 2006, SOMYCE (Sociedad de Observadores de Meteoros y Cometas de España)  edited a first DVD edition with all the Spanish meteor observations: visual scanned observations, video images with MetRec, photographic images, radio counts and telescopic charts. All, collected in a case with four DVD. This data base store about 17.2 Gb.

We edited a limited edition of 100 copies to send to SOMYCE members, Astronomical Societies of Spain and IMO members. Unfortunately, the cost of this edition it has done impossible to send a copy to all the IMO members, and therefore we have made a selection, and only 21 cases have been sent to IMO members.
This information can be free copied for personal use, divulgation, amateurs and researchers. If you write a paper, this information can be taken indicating the autor and the reference: “Archivos de observaciones de la Sociedad de Observadores de Meteoros y Cometas de España –SOMYCE-, 1ª Edición, octubre 2006.”
Briefly, we resume the information available in each DVD:
DVD1: Visual Meteor Database from 1987 to 1995. All this observations are in JPG images. Are the original reports with data and charts scanned with great effort during last five years. The key is:
ej: 2627091998BENORp1d1
DDdd: day
MM: month
AAAA: year
-----: IMO Code
“a” can be:
p: report
c: chart
r: summary
e: train report
NdN: “1d1” or “1d5” tell us how many report, or charts are in the observation.
Photographic meteor database from 1998, and 1999 Leonids and a lot of images classified by months. Some of them are not data, but we collect by historical reasons. Data are in txt or excel files.
DVD2: Comet observations, the rest of Photographic meteor database from November, August and December months. Video Meteor data base from camera TIMES 4 and TIMES 5 with full frame images. If you need a complete data in postdate format, we recommend download the updates files from IMO web site or
DVD 3: Fireballs report form 1982 to 2003, some photos, and the Telescopic database (charts and reports) All codes are similar to the Visual Scanned reports. Video Data base of TIMES 4: August 2000, 2001 (complete, except March, August, October and December)
DVD 4: Visual Meteor Data Base (1985 and 1986 reports), the rest of the Photographic database and Video observations of TIMES 4 camera (Intensified camera, TIMES 5 is a Watec 902-H)

As you can see, there is a lot of useful information for the meteor observer. If need copy all o part of this information you can contact with us in archivosobservaciones More information about SOMYCE can be found in our web site

A second, and fully completed edition was edited on 2011, and can be downloaded from this FTP server.